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Global trends in cyber security

Cyber security in global discussions

The year 2015 saw an increased interest in cyber security around the world, with many different themes being actively discussed. It goes without saying that countering ever more sophisticated cyber threats and cyber attacks is an urgent issue; however, the recent focus has also been on organizational resilience. Resilience not only means having robust defensive measures; it also indicates how resilient and flexible organizations are when an emergency occurs and how quickly they can take action and recover. This has become a major theme of cyber security measures.
NEC has participated in many international meetings, conferences and forums concerning laws and regulations, policies, organizational theories and the latest technical trends in cyber security, and has discussed the latest actions taking place around the world aimed at making organizations more resilient. In particular, internet governance, information sharing frameworks, cyber crime, the Internet of Things (IoT), and IoT security have become globally common keywords and are all being talked about. Many such discussions are sure to continue in 2016 as this global trend continues. At the same time, sharing information with developing countries that have suffered serious damage and providing them with technical support for implementing countermeasures are also important themes. Issues shared by the entire world are at the top of the agenda in discussions held by international organizations, and there are high hopes for appropriate support measures at both the local and national level.

  • Establishing a legal framework for cyber security
  • Improving user awareness and promoting ICT education programs
  • Support for the creation of National CIRT/CSIRT
  • Technical support for combating cyber threats

[Fig.] Major international meetings, conferences and forums attended in 2015


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