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NEC cyber security: A glimpse of future reality.

NEC can deliver futureproof security.

NEC will continue to boost the security of social infrastructure with advanced cyber security measures that combine our experience and record of building systems for many customers with our extensive information, technology, and personnel.

The NEC Group has a network system that links 180,000 client PCs and servers. To maintain the safety of this enormous ICT environment, NEC has combined and utilized its original security technologies and solutions. Based on the technologies and know-how proven in our own systems, we are developing and providing solutions that will protect companies and our social infrastructure.
NEC offered the first commercially viable Quarantine Network System in Japan to detect and isolate unauthorized client PCs on a network. In addition, NEC was one of the first companies to propose and implement "Count management," a technology used to quantify and visualize security threats and vulnerabilities. NEC is currently developing cutting-edge technologies that leverage SDN and artificial intelligence (AI). As a leading company in delivering innovative cyber security solutions that create new value, we will never stop providing security and safety to our customers.

The damage to corporations and key infrastructure is rising!
Cyber security needs to provide the right emergency response capability, now.

NEC is conducting R&D on technologies that will use AI to automatically detect and quarantine unknown cyber attacks.

NEC is looking to the future. One of the technologies we are developing is "Automated Security Intelligence," a technology that automatically detects unknown cyber attacks by using AI, enabling the scope of damage to be ascertained in less than one-tenth of the time required for conventional manual analysis.
This technology learns the normal state of a network from the complex operations of the entire system, such as the actions of client PCs and servers (program startup, file access, communications, etc.), compares and analyzes the normal state of the system with the current state, and detects when the system acts abnormally.
It can also automatically quarantine only the affected section from the network by using system management tools and SDN.

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