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We can, because we're NEC.

NEC can deliver futureproof security.

NEC's expert knowledge of ICT and customer businesses ensures high-quality security.

As a comprehensive information and communications technology (ICT) vendor, NEC has developed a broad portfolio of hardware and software products. We also have an extensive lineup of solution offerings for many different businesses that are based on our experience and know-how in constructing systems, networks, and providing operations support. It is because we understand the work styles of our customers and have been constructing ICT environments for many years that we can succeed in reducing security risks. In the various development and operations phases, NEC has established development and operations implementation standards to prevent the leakage and falsification of information for systems, products, and services, including social infrastructure. NEC assures security quality by constantly updating its measures for new cyber attacks that occur daily, while also considering international security standards, standards set by the government, and industry guidelines.
For the era of IoT, NEC will provide a safe and secure ICT environment based on our long-established "Security by Design" concept whereby we introduce security measures from the design phase.

Ensuring high-quality security

NEC supports effective and continuous security measures, including emergency response that assumes incidents will occur.

Simply introducing cyber security measures is not enough. In order to cope with ever more sophisticated cyber attacks, it is important to continuously strengthen your security measures in a planned fashion. In addition to strengthening the security of your entire organization through an effective combination of various security measures, NEC also provides support for continuous measures that reduce vulnerabilities by using the PDCA cycle to plan policies, take measures, verify their effectiveness, and make improvements.

In addition to managing security risks with PDCA cycles, what is especially important in preparing for cyber attacks is implementing measures that assume incidents such as illegal intrusions and malware infections will occur. Damage can be minimized by quick detection of abnormal conditions, and timely decision-making and response during emer gencies. NEC supports appr opriate and speedy handling of incidents through the concept of an OODA loop that includes surveillance and detection, situational awareness, decision-making, and execution of measures.

Example of incident response

NEC promotes a strong security lifecycle with comprehensive one-stop support services.

NEC's Security Operation Center (SOC) provides advanced security operations monitoring solutions and forensics (analysis of evidence of illegal actions) by world class cyber security specialists. When incidents occur, we also pr ovide emergency incident response solutions implemented by veteran specialists.
We can also link the SOC of our customers (private SOC) with an NEC SOC. This allows us to use both the knowledge accumulated by our customers and our own advanced specialized knowledge for more advanced monitoring and to reinforce the human resource capabilities of our customers.

NEC Group expertise guarantee safe, secure services.

NEC is strengthening its service capability of cyber security solutions, by acquiring the Cyber Defense Institute, Inc, and Infosec Corporation to help respond to the rising threat of cyber attack, and expand its advanced security technology and service solutions.

NEC Group

Logo: CyberDefense

Cyber Defense Institute, Inc.
World-class engineers use penetration testing (proactive, authorized exploitation of systems to help evaluate their vulnerabilities) and forensic analysis (analysis of evidence of illegal actions) to devise high-quality security technology services.

Logo: Infosec

Infosec Corporation
Expand the range of security services on offer to include security management and consulting for public sector institutions and private corporations, system design, round-the-clock security monitoring, etc.


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