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Cyber attacks: Today's reality.

More advanced and sophisticated cyber attacks may strike at the core of your business. Can your company survive with its current measures?

Cyber attacks can cause immeasurable damages to a company. They can cause tangible damages such as stopping services; they can ruin the public's trust in a company; and they can lead to leaks of important information that may affect corporate survival.
In order to prevent a worst case scenario, you must have the proper organization, the proper personnel, and make the proper investments. You must also make business decisions with every aspect of the company in mind.
Do you know what you need to do?

Cyber security is a problem for society as a whole.

The nature of cyberattacks is constantly in flux, always evolving to keep pace with the times. Hacking of websites, theft of credit card information and other personal information has become an almost daily occurrence, along with illegal remittances via Internet banking. Recent years have witnessed the accelerating dissemination of new technologies such as IoT and the expanding utilization of information communication technology. Massive DDoS attacks have been launched using vulnerable IoT devices as springboards, while large-scale power outages have occurred due to attacks on critical infrastructure. Also whole factories, are connected to networks, there is an increased risk that factories and other manufacturing centers, as well as infrastructure, will become targets of cyber attacks. This makes security measures more important than ever before.

NEC suggests how corporates can protect their information resources.


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