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Cloud Infrastructure Service

NEC offers cloud infrastructure service "NEC Cloud IaaS" in the Japanese market.

NEC Cloud IaaS overview

NEC Cloud IaaS has been available in Japan since April 2014 and has already won hundreds of enterprise customers. By using self-service portal interface customers can provision resources such as servers, storage and networks, as well as operate and manage their networked environment both within and outside of NEC Cloud IaaS.

Figure: NEC Cloud IaaS infrastructure service

NEC Cloud IaaS offers Standard (STD) and High Availability (HA) services. Customers can choose to employ one or both services depending on their business requirements and purposes.

Figure: NEC Cloud IaaS infrastructure service

Detailed technical information is described in NEC Technical Journal "No.2 (June, 2015) Special Issue on Future Cloud Platforms for ICT Systems".

NEC Data Center

NEC Cloud IaaS is provided by NEC Kanagawa Data Center and NEC Kobe Data Center, which pursue energy savings, safety and security.

NEC Inzai Data Center is a data center that accelerates customers' digital transformation(DX) and supports business growth.

Use cases of NEC Cloud IaaS

PDFMeiji Fresh Network Co., Ltd.
Meiji Fresh Network's core business systems are transitioned to NEC Cloud laaS NEC's total support power capability is highly evaluated.

Image: Meiji Fresh Network Co., Ltd.

PDFSumitomo Life Insurance Company
Sumitomo Life Insurance uses NEC's Cloud Infrastructure Service to standardize IT environments across the entire group and strengthen IT governance.

Photo: Sumitomo Life Insurance Company

PDFIHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd.
Using cloud computing to achieve stable operation of a remote surveillance/maintenance system supporting more than 1,100 automated vertical parking lots throughout Japan.

Photo: IHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd.