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City Management

Intelligent Management Tools for
Safer and Smarter Cities

The number of smart city projects around the world is rapidly increasing. Urbanization, demographic shifts and an increasing effort to fight climate change and to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal's targets are all accelerating adoption of smart city services.

According to a study by consulting firm Navigant, in 2017 there were 250 smart city projects in 178 cities around the world but by 2019 the number has increased to 443 projects in 286 spanning all sectors including energy, transportation and government services.

80% Urbanization

North America’s urbanization rates followed by Europe with 74% with Asia and Africa the rates standing at 49% and 41%.

75 Years

Average life expectancy for over 95 countries around the world requiring governmental services and national healthcare.

The Cities We Live In

Cities around the world have diverse needs when deploying smart city solutions as some governments require new technologies in providing efficient services for their rapidly aging, negative growth population while others need to cater for the rapidly increasing population and urbanization requirements.

However, all governments can benefit from new technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence by adopting intelligent city management solutions and tools which can support government bodies in deploying a safe, secure and efficient services to better fulfill the needs of their citizens.

A typical emerging city facing rapid population growth and urban sprawl have often resulted in issues such as concentrated population, poverty and income disparity. Also inefficient government investments can be seen leading to congested roads and poor infrastructures usually leading to safety concerns with notable environmental impacts.

Developed city on the other hand are facing an increased challenge in becoming more self sustainable and efficient adapting to the rapidly increasing aging population. Maintaining the complex city running and infrastructures whilst keeping a safe and resilient environment is crucial for such cities.

NEC's City Management Approach

Leveraging on NEC's expertise in both the big data and artificial intelligence offering, data driven output visualization and insight delivery which supports and improves the city management planning and judgments making becomes possible. Such offering combined with other intelligent city management solutions allows governing bodies to deliver a next-generation services in an efficient yet secure environment.

NEC's city management services are designed to enable collaboration with all stakeholders in the smart city ecosystem including both public and private institutions. Known for it's constant innovating mindset to develop new services and aiming to lead the next generation of intelligent city management solutions, technologies such as biometrics, data analysis, artificial intelligence and IoT is now more deeply embedded in smart city services available to date.

Working closely with a long term commitment has enabled a clearer understanding for the overall solution requirements and notable deployments take shape in recent years from the data driven approach. Such deployments is now turning into a crucial piece for cities in maintain and meeting the requirements in running a sustainable city.

City Management Solutions

NEC's city management solutions have been considered and lead to key implimentations with numerous local governments around the world wishing to offer an intelligent, efficient and secure solutions to their citizens.

Solutions typically aggregates, manages and displays and share key information across both public and private institutions encouraging active collaborations across all the smart city stakeholders.

Lisbon Intelligent Management Platform is seen as being one of the highlights in how City Managment should be. City managers in Santander, Spain also use NEC`s solutions to enable smart waste management.

Cloud City Operation Center

Cloud City Operations Center or known as CCOC is another highlight solution from NEC which allows cities to truly manage, interpret and automate responses to the data collected across the city.

This solution is designed to meet Smart City requirements in a flexible, efficient and economical way easing the development of new applications in multiple vertical segments being a FIWARE based solution.

NEC’s Cloud City Operations Center is a truly integrated solution, designed to meet Smart City requirements in a flexible, efficient and economical way.


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