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Convenient Living, Captivating Experiences, Through Biometrics

Connecting The Dots

Opening Up the World with a Single Digital Identity

As the world advances efforts to improve digitalization,
NEC is working with its partners across a variety of initiatives to make our lives safer,
more secure, and more attractive than ever before. 
Let’s take a look at how the our future can further evolve through the use of Face Recognition technology.

Check In & Out Hotel Room, Hands Free

Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co.
At Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management's two hotels, "sequence KYOTO GOJO" and "sequence SUIDOBASHI," by pre-registering their own face images through the app, guests can check in by themselves without having to go through face-to-face procedures with hotel staff.

Face Recognition Payment at Tourist Attractions and Souvenir Stores

Mitsubishi Estate, Interlocal Partners, Inc.
In September 2021, NEC began a proof of concept for a service that allows customers to make payments using face recognition at the Yurakucho micro Food & IDEA Market managed by Mitsubishi Estate.
By registering their face images and credit card information in advance, customers can conveniently pay for their purchases without needing to use their wallets or smartphones.

In April 2021, DyDo became the first company in Japan to start a full-scale introduction of a face recognition payment service in vending machines.
Using NEC's face recognition technology combined with a service utilizing pre-registered passcodes, a system that allows customers to securely purchase beverages hands-free has been realized.
Masked authentication as a feature has also been integrated, allowing the service to be used in locations where masks are required, including factories and public spaces.

Safe and Speedy Infection Control Checks

Shizuoka Prefecture
A proof of concept has begun to streamline manual physical condition check procedures required of climbers on Mt. Fuji.
Climbers can register their face images and health information such as PCR test results in advance through an app, and complete physical condition check procedures by authenticating themselves through face recognition on site.

Catering To Your Needs And Preferences, Providing Top Tour Recommendations

Kumamoto Prefecture
Recommendations for places of interest are made based on one’s travel preferences.
By linking pre-purchased discount tickets within the app with face images and the LINE messaging app*, NEC can perform face authentication while also providing information on special offers.
This proof of concept was designed to promote tourism and revitalize tourist spots.

(*)”LINE” is a registered trademark of the LINE Corporation.

Smooth, Contactless Air Travel Procedures Made Possible Through Face Recognition

Narita International Airport
By registering your face at check-in, you can enjoy quicker and more convenient procedures at various touchpoints such as baggage check-in, the security check entrance, and boarding gate.
The system enables new air travel procedures that utilize face recognition instead of boarding passes or passports.

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