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Enhancing and Optimizing Operations

Anomaly detection can be applied to many different devices and facilities. This solution helps streamline and optimize business processes and improve process quality.

Plant Failure Sign Detection Solution


Signs of failure are detected by analyzing massive amounts of sensor data to discover operations that are "different from normal," thereby identifying and preventing major faults.

NEC's invariant analysis technology visually identifies patterns of normal operation in massive amounts of data received from sensors installed in plant facilities and discovers correlations between sensor data that even an expert would fail to find. By allowing measured data to be compared in real time, anomalies or signs of failure can be detected early.

Customer needs

To be able to detect anomalies early so as to quickly find the root cause of a problem and prevent failures from occurring.

Key benefits

  • Invariant analysis technology allows current operating statuses to be visualized from existing data.
  • Massive amounts of data can be analyzed in real time to monitor systems and accurately detect signs of failure.

Key technologies

System Invariant Analysis Technology––discovers anomalies that even an expert would fail to find.

Related cases

Chugoku Electric Power Company

NEC works with Chugoku Electric Power Company to demonstrate that early signs of failure can be detected from big data related to power plant information such as vibrations and temperature, thereby preventing the failure from occurring.


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