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Addressing Social Issues

Extracting new value from big data - a trinity approach to solving social problems

Utilizing big data to create a prosperous society for all

The human race is facing widespread problems––including natural disasters––that threaten our lives and livelihoods. These problems are influenced by complex and correlated factors, leading to sudden and unpredictable changes in the current situation at any given time. By enabling a huge amount of data to be gathered and analyzed quickly and accurately, NEC is contributing to the rapid discovery of potential and advancing social issues, thereby helping to minimize consequences, and allow people to live more prosperous lives.

Japan is confronted by many difficult issues, such as a decreasing birthrate, aging population and resulting decline in labor force, frequently occurring natural disasters, resource and energy shortages, and aging infrastructure. These issues are now common among developed nations, and are likely to become so in developing nations in the near future.

The Revision of Japan Revitalization Strategy that was approved by the Cabinet in June 2014 states that Japan should take a leading role in addressing common global issues such as decreasing birthrates, aging populations and environmental problems. It also states that it is only by actively addressing these issues can Japan succeed in revitalizing its economy.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are key to solving these issues. Understanding this, the Japanese government has announced an ICT development policy based on four themes: building common platforms, creating innovations through ICT, information security, and open big data. The focus is now firmly on big data utilization.

The trinity approach: utilizing big data to address social issues

NEC is taking a trinity approach to utilizing big data to solve the problems facing society today. This approach involves seamlessly connecting the three processes of sensing (digitizing the real world), analytics (analyzing data and generating predictions), and actuation (control and guidance). In other words, we need to visualize and analyze phenomena in real time and in detail to produce forecasts and predictions, based on which we can guide people appropriately and control products and services, and provide feedback to the real world. NEC facilitates big data utilization based on this "trinity" of processes.

With NEC's trinity approach to big data utilization, we can provide solutions for social issues that affect everyone on the globe, including predicting and responding to natural disasters, handling aging water systems, creating efficient energy systems, maintaining urban infrastructure, and preventing food shortages.


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