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Network Ecosystem Solutions and Products

Committed to the Concept of Openness

At NEC, we believe that the concept of openness is the key to success. Our business is built on the fundamental principles of open technologies: open standards, open interfaces, partnership, and collaboration. NEC Solutions are true to this ethos, maximizing value with our technologies and a commitment to working openly with operators, vendors, industry bodies – and even competitors.

We're committed to the principles of openness because we believe it gives network operators the best chance to capitalize on the enormous promise of 5G and stay a step ahead of the demands of our increasingly connected world. This commitment means more than simply agreeing upon new technical standards; it means a company-wide understanding that we are open to any business possibility that improves customers’ likelihood of success.

We’re also committed to helping build the larger Open 5G ecosystem. In 2020, NEC established the Open RAN Center of Excellence (CoE) in the UK , followed by the 5G transport CoE in 2021, to help drive the adoption of 5G open networks across the globe.

Why Open 5G?

  • More mobile network operators are moving toward Open 5G as a strategic choice because they see the unmatched benefits of unleashing Open 5G technology and mass scale deployment, including its ability to enable operators to continually develop and deploy new 5G services and applications that deliver superior customer experiences.

    At NEC, we believe 5G has the potential to impact every aspect of the way we live, work, and play, but only if we as an industry embrace radical thinking to drive far-reaching change and unlock the true potential of 5G. To do that, network operators need flexibility and the freedom to think radically. Open 5G will free them from closed ecosystems that severely limit creativity, flexibility, and innovation in the mobile networks that mean so much to our daily lives.

    Why Open 5G?

Open enables cloud-native
The promise of 5G can’t be achieved with traditional technologies designed to deliver the same experiences for everyone. To deliver on the promise of 5G, mobile operators need to cloudify their networks. Open 5G is cloud native. A cloud-native network will provide greater innovation and competition, enabling operators to scale in and out and to react quicker to the challenges and potential opportunities of a 5G world.

Competition drives innovation
Open 5G drives innovation by opening the door to startups and new competitors with different skillsets to shake up the status quo. New cloud-native Open 5G networks will open the market to new innovators and new talent, leading to new innovations to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s networks.

Cloud-native drives network slicing and automation

Being able to orchestrate and automate your network across multiple domains also facilitates network slicing to enable sophisticated and specific connectivity products for different use cases, such as private wireless networks, temporary purpose-built networks, or networks for highly secure applications such as finance, public safety, or healthcare.

Automation drives AI, logic, and future-proofed networks

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable real-time or near real-time traffic optimization to respond to changing network demands as they happen, future-proofing wireless networks by opening them up today in preparation for tomorrow.

Unlock new revenue streams

Open 5G will create new revenue generation opportunities for operators across industries and create significant cost-saving opportunities across the network.

Beyond the digital divide

Perhaps the single most significant opportunity that Open 5G offers is the potential of network operators to bridge the digital divide by creating 5G connectivity solutions for all – from highly congested urban areas to sparsely populated rural environments – by enabling connectivity solutions that address everyone’s needs.

Why NEC Open Networks Solutions?

NEC Open 5G solutions fulfil the key requirements for successful deployments, operations and ROI. Our end-to-end open-based 5G networks deliver:

Performance & Versatility
・Open standard and multi-vendor flexibility combined with use case diversity
・Software-centric, high-performance and automated efficiency to truly unlock the benefits of 5G

Stability & Maturity
・Outstanding agility and resiliency
・Superior product quality and full lifecycle supply chain/system integration services

Investment Efficiency
・Cost optimized, software-centric operational simplicity, plus monetization and total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits with ESG perspectives


Real-time service enablement & charging mechanism

Unlock B2B2X service enablement coupling telco and partner offers

TCO Reduction 

Fully automated operation based on truly full cloud-native architecture & orchestration

Contribution to Open-based innovation with O-RAN Alliance

ESG Contribution 

Fan-less RU design for sustainable mass deployment

AI-driven intelligent power efficient optimization

Our Products and Solutions

Open RAN Ecosystems

O-RAN Compliant 5G Radio Unit
vRAN - Open Virtualized
RAN Intelligent Controller

Open Networks

Open Core – 4G/5G Converged Core
Open Transport (xHaul)
Telco Cloud – Open Cloud Platform
Domain Orchestration

Network Services & Automation

System Integration
Professional Services (Link to Aspire Technology)

Ecosystem Partners

Ecosystem Partners

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Contact us today to learn more about our 5G Solutions

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