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Technology Vision for realizing the NEC 2030VISION

Trends in technology needs and NEC initiatives

NEC is engaging in three initiatives for realizing our future vision for society.

Adapting swiftly to challenges and diverse needs in rapidly changing societies and cities

Amid rapid changes in everything from the global environment and the way society functions to people’s values and their ways of working, such changes need to be identified quickly and social activities adapted accordingly.
All this will require technologies capable of visualizing and simulating various real-world changes and making the necessary optimizations.

Enhancing the intellectual and physical creativity and productivity of human activities

Increasingly complex societies need services that match individual values, as well as further improvements to overall productivity and safety.
Looking to the future, there will be a need for AI that brings people together, interacts with them, and is trusted and accepted, thereby enabling the creation of ideas that are suited to people’s diverse needs and complex and advanced decision-making that transcends human knowledge.

Supporting the realization of a sustainable global environment

The spread of IoT is producing rapidly increasing amounts of data. This will create various challenges, including increased communication volumes and power consumption in the computers and networks of the future, issues of data security, and the increasing complexity of system construction and operation.
Platforms will need to be able to combine integrated and optimized security, highly reliable data protection, and environmental friendliness.

NEC Technology Vision

Digital twins for co-creation and trials of the future
Providing a foundation to support the convergence of the real and cyber worlds

NEC aims to adapt, in real-time, to rapid real-world changes and take a holistic approach to optimization. To that end, we will achieve digital twins that can rapidly identify all real-world information in the cyber world collected from such sources as biometrics, real-world understanding, and system modeling, integrate information across industries, and thereby forecast the future.

AI that works with people and permeates society
AI that people can trust, AI that people can accept

Looking to enhance the intellectual and physical creativity and productivity of human activities, we will realize AI that interacts with people and proposes ideas that are tailored to their needs and that they can accept. Furthermore, we will realize AI and robots that are capable of understanding environmental changes in the same space as humans and that work together safely and autonomously on complex and diverse tasks.

Platform to support environmental friendliness, high reliability and high efficiency
Integrated apps/IT/networks, security, and secure data platforms

To realize our future vision for society, we will provide environmentally friendly and sustainable infrastructure by utilizing technologies such as quantum computing that can find the optimal solution from an enormous set of potential choices at high speed, AI-powered resource-optimized communications, and secure systems that respond autonomously to system failures and threats.

The technology vision introduced on this page is part of the NEC 2030VISION released in February 2022.
The NEC 2030VISION summarizes the vision for the future of society that we are aiming for in 2030 and the role to be fulfilled by NEC. Please have a look at it.