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At the Pinnacle of Research and Development

Special Issue

September 28, 2018

Top Researchers Interview Series

At NEC laboratories, there are hundreds of researchers worldwide tackling challenges to bring out new, amazing technologies that will contribute to making our societies better. Here we introduce you to 8 of our finest researchers unfolding the forefront of the NEC's research and development.

Visionary of AI social implementation
Satoshi Morinaga
PhD in Engineering
Executive Research Fellow
NEC Data Science Research Laboratories
Pioneer in Machine Learning
Hans Peter Graf
PhD in Physics
Department Head, Machine Learning
NEC Laboratories America
The Computer Vision meister
Atsushi Sato
PhD in Physics
Research Fellow
NEC Biometrics Research Laboratories
Up-and-coming Computer Vision specialist
Manmohan Chandraker
PhD in Computer Science
Department Head, Media and Analytics
NEC Laboratories America
Radical innovator in Blockchain
Ghassan Karame
PhD in Computer Science
Manager and Chief Researcher, Security Group
NEC Laboratories Europe
Aspired youngster in Relational Learning
Mathias Niepert
PhD in Computer Science
Chief Researcher, Systems and Machine Learning Group
NEC Laboratories Europe
World leader in Facial Recognition
Hitoshi Imaoka
PhD in Engineering
NEC Fellow