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Focus Technology Areas

Technology areas we focus on and our process for creating

We broadly divide the technology areas we focus on into AI (Data science) and ICT platforms, which consist of the 6 categories of Visualization, Analysis, Control and Guidance, Computing, Networking, and Security. These technology areas are all essential for solving increasingly critical, complicated, and diverse social challenges and creating new social values.
The flow of using the power of AI to "visualize" the real world, "analyze" vast volumes of data, and to return it back to the real world as "control and guidance" is supported by "ICT platforms" that integrate "computing" and "networking" and are protected by robust "security." As we face this phase of major changes, we are focused on developing core technologies that will be essential for creating tomorrow's social solutions.

AI (Data science)


Recognizing and understanding real world information and phenomena and utilizing them as information


Conducting future prediction and inference by utilizing learning, etc. to discover new regularities

Control and Guidance

Supporting control of devices and guidanceof people through feedback of information with value to the real world

Technology Team

ICT platforms


Optimizing social systems in real-time while keeping down power consumption


Supporting the platform for distribution of things with autonomic optimization instead of relying on manpower


Ensuring safety and security of social systems in both the real and cyber worlds

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