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Our Philosophy

Looking ahead to 2050, in order to meet demand for energy, food and other necessities around the world as the global population increases and populations converge on urban areas, it is essential that we use our limited resources efficiently and build a new, efficient social infrastructure that is sustainable and promotes equality in people’s lives.

In the midst of this changing environment, NEC has creating the vision of “Orchestrating a brighter world”  as its brand statement; working with people from countries and local communities all over the world to realize a society and a way of life that are bright and full of hope. NEC is taking up the challenge of creating advanced Solutions for Society using the power of information and communications technology (ICT), based on the new Seven Themes for Social Value Creation  that NEC has set out as its principles for generating new value for society.

NEC R&D for Solutions for Society

NEC Research and Development (R&D) first focus on the exact solutions which NEC needs to work on from among the various challenges that society faces, and then works to deliver core competency with the No.1/Only 1 technologies that will be required to make this solution.

NEC then provides safety, security, efficiency and equality to life and industries by co-creating strong solutions with partners and customers.

NEC is also taking up the challenge of “value enhancement”—further developing the values our solutions provide—by working with partners and customers to take solutions to a still higher level in order to deduce the essential nature of the challenge with greater accuracy.

For example, NEC has developed an Advance Abnormality Detection System for large-scale plants, which detect signs of abnormality before they occur and supports the plant in taking appropriate measures at an early stage.
By combining core technologies, such as cyber security technology that can also protect the plant’s systems from cyberattacks, this can be enhance value to “stable operations” solution that brings the plant total protection at both the physical and cyber levels.

Going forward, NEC challenges to enhance value ranging from facility maintenance to revolutionizing the main business operation by combining core technologies, such as visualization, analyses and security.

Image of Operational innovation and Value EnhancementLarger view

[Case Study] Value enhancement at a large-scale plant

Our Technologies that Enhance the Value of Solutions

NEC is working to solve social challenges through a process of visualizing and analyzing real-world information and making use of this analysis in developing controls and other functions, in order to create even better solutions.

One specific direction in which NEC is developing technology is Artificial Intelligence (data science) technologies and ICT platform technologies.

AI (data science) technology supports humans by enabling computers to replace certain human intellectual activities. NEC has a wide range of AI technologies has been accumulated over the past fifty years, and our AI technology team boasts abilities at the global top level. NEC is now using this technological base to help create new solutions, for example, smart water management and public safety.

ICT platforms, meanwhile, support AI in tackling large-scale and complex real-world challenges. In this domain, NEC is focusing on computing, networking and security, and is working to develop the technologies that will realize the “real time” “dynamic,” “remote” and “secure” functions that are the starting points for creating value.

NEC’s social value creation and the direction of AI technology

NEC is advancing AI technology by looking at the resolution of social challenges from two sides

The first side is the evolution of AI to resolve problems with clear single goal. NEC’s excellent AI technology team already has many achievements in the pursuit of massively improved efficiency in systems such as plant control systems.
The other side is the evolution of AI to resolve problems without clear single goal and which up to now have always rested entirely upon decisions made by humans, such as management decisions and judgments over the development of new products.
The direction of NEC is to develop AI at a still more advanced level of intelligence where it will be able to support human thinking/reasoning by suggesting various perspectives.

Our greatest challenge will be to ensure that human and AI are able to collaborate harmoniously to solve social challenges, as they work together to realize a better society.
NEC is now taking up the challenge of creating and enhancing value through the new solutions it develops in a wide range of domains based on its No.1/Only 1 core technologies, and is working to realize safety, security, efficiency and equality of society.

This information was introduced at the “NEC R&D Briefing” held on December 10, 2015.

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