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Secure System Research Laboratories

May 14, 2019

Implementation of Reliable Security That Supports OT/IoT

The Secure System Research Laboratories continues to perform research that defends social safety and security in both data security and cyber security aspects. We especially excel in the secure computation and blockchain fields, and possess the world’s top technologies. In secure computation, we have achieved a top class speed using a unique “multi-party computing” that performs processing while information is dispersed. Also, in blockchains, we have achieved a processing speed that is outstanding even in world standards with processing performances 100 times* conventional values.
In recent years, we are working on new research following the evolution of AI and IoT technology. For example, one of the themes we are actively engaging includes the security system used to safely control self-driving vehicles. Also, we are focused in research including abnormality detection using AI technology, knowledge acquisition of security analysts through machine learning, and automatic delivery of attack and defense combinations through simulations of cyber attacks. The greatest aim of security is to pursue safety and security. We hope to continue research to create a society where everyone can naturally enjoy safety and security.

Technology Groups

*Does not include all technology groups