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Organization, Whereabouts

March 25, 2022

NEC’s research laboratories are responsible for strengthening the technology competencies of the NEC Group.
We are pursuing R&D to pioneer the future with co-creating social values in joint efforts of our globally located research laboratories.

Takes the Central role in NEC R&D, focusing on AI(recognition, analysis), Security, ICT platform, and other cutting-edge technologies, Such as Quantum computing.

Development of cutting-edge core technologies

NEC Laboratories America

R&D through EU projects and standardization activities

NEC Laboratories Europe

Development of core technologies in AI and NW

NEC Laboratories China

Co-creation of innovative solutions with customers and partners, mainly for developed countries.

NEC Laboratories Singapore

Create core technologies to address the challenges of emerging countries

NEC Laboratories Singapore

Promote marketing-type research.

NEC Laboratories Singapore