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Value Co-creation Center

Keiji Yamada
Vice President of Laboratories and
General Manager, Value Co-creation Center

Identifying and resolving social issues through co-creation activities with our customers and experts.

Through co-creation activities with our customers and experts around the world, we aim to decipher changes in both technology and society. Furthermore, by specifying the technology we are to develop as well as identifying and resolving social issues using advanced technologies, we aspire to create new social values.

Developing technical and societal visions.

In ICT fields such as AI and IoT, technologies are developed at astounding speeds, and new technologies are created one after another. However, there is no value in technologies that have been developed if they are not instrumental in supporting society in a timely manner. Through discussions with experts inside and outside the company from all over the world, we aim to decipher the changes of society in the next 10 to 20 years, and by understanding actualizing social issues as well as emerging advanced technologies, we proceed to identify and specify technologies that are to be newly created.

Developing social solutions.

Developing social solutionsLarger viewA situation of field trial in a foreign country. (Smart water)

(1) Thorough field work practice utilizing advanced technologies
We analyze social issues making full use of these advanced technologies through on-site activities with our customers, experts of various fields, and outside researchers.
(2) Creating social innovation through co-creation
By compiling the wisdom of experts around the world and know-how of customers on-site, we are attempting to solve social issues by combining NEC's global No.1/Only 1 technologies with new technologies invented by scientists in the world.

Examples of current Solutions for Society development activities:

  • Preventive maintenance of infrastructure solution
  • Smart water management solution

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