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Sensing actuation platform

In an effort to contribute to social infrastructure stability, NEC Central Research Laboratories is researching a management system that uses sensing data to quantitatively understand the condition or situation of people and things, and that deploys future predictions to optimally control the condition or situation in question. Additionally, to increase the added-value of this management system, particularly in the field of sensing, we are researching ultra-low power circuits that will enable longer-life sensors to be located in every possible location.

Ultra-low power devices

To solve complex social issues by ICT, high-performance and high-precision technologies to the many different sensors (sensor terminals) that quantify large amounts of real world information are required. NEC Central Research Laboratories has developed NanoBridge, a switch for reconfiguring LSI circuits into high-performance, low-cost devices. This technology allows the creation of non-volatile logic circuits that suppress standby power while realizing high-speed power control. When used in social infrastructure, etc., NanoBridge technology enables sensor nodes to work for 10 years without requiring battery replacement.

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