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Software-defined networking technology

NEC has been involved since the beginning in software-defined networking (SDN) technology, which is said to have brought about a once-in-twenty-year breakthrough for the network industry. In a joint research with Stanford University, we developed the world's first commercial SDN device using this technology. Since then, SDN technology has been used in various areas of networks. One example is the way in which NEC has realized mobile communications able to handle the explosive increase in the number of IoT devices.
IoT will connect every possible sort of "thing" using cloud technology, and by 2020, 5 billion or more IoT devices are expected to be connected to networks. By effectively reducing the control signals emitted by these vast number of IoT devices, thereby reducing the load on communications processing servers, NEC will contribute to the development of a future IoT society by enabling "seamless" mobile communications that connect large numbers of IoT devices.

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