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System Platform Research Laboratories

Yuichi Nakamura
General Manager,
System Platform Research Laboratories

Researching platforms to enhance
social problem solving by integration of
communications and computer technologies.

We are researching communications and computer technologies, and their integrated platforms that aim to effectively untangle increasingly complex social challenges. In communications, we are working on the next-generation system such as 5G base stations, and integration of the Internet and mobile communications. In computers, we are working on super-heterogeneous computing using a high-efficiency processing method that combines ordinary server processors with GPGPU, FPGA, etc. In terms of integration of communications and computers, our main research themes are the optimal distribution of computing resources and efficient communications between the resources for using IoT to efficiently untangle social issues.

Always aiming for the most advanced, most outstanding results.

Larger viewAn ICT system searching for information that is vaguely "suspicious."

For example, in the safety area, if we can detect a suspicious person in one hour, it will be useful for investigations after the crime. If we can detect a suspicious person in a few seconds, we can prevent a crime or terror attack before it occurs. By thoroughly researching efficiency and performance in communications and platforms, we aim to create such new value for social solutions. We have also begun a joint research project with several universities and research organizations (e.g. University of Tokyo and Osaka University), about new computing modeled on the human brain.

Always improving ourselves in the world by creating with and competing with the world's top researchers.

In the platform area, we need to conduct R&D that incorporates the latest technology trends. Through joint research with world-top-ranking universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Imperial College London, etc., and active research paper publication, etc., we are continually engaging in active discussions with the world's top researchers and striving to improve our own research results.


Kozo Satoda
Joined the company in 1993
Senior Manager,
System Platform Research Laboratories

When I visited during my job-hunting, I was impressed that there were so many upbeat and energetic people.

Wearable camera for event security use

As a student, I was in the school of electrical engineering and conducted research into image recognition and image generation. I visited many industrial research laboratories when I was job-hunting, but I joined this one because the content of NEC's research appealed to me and because I was impressed by how upbeat and energetic people were when they talked with me during my visit. At present, I am developing a solution for use in event security that shares video images from the field with a command center to help prevent crime and terrorism. It can also be applied to emergency medical care and to public services such as fire-fighting and disaster prevention. I want to contribute to creating a safer, more secure society.

Jianquan Liu
Joined the company in 2012
Assistant Manager,
System Platform Research Laboratories

I joined NEC because I desired to create novel database technologies for multimedia applications.

An exhibition of the technology "profiling across spatio-temporal data" at NEC iEXPO KANSAI

At university, I majored in computer science. Since I knew many alumni were working at NEC, I felt high affinity with the company. Furthermore, I found standing on the shoulders of the gaint, NEC, it is possible for me to realize the dream of making great contributions to the society through R&D in database technologies for multimedia applications. Therefore, I decided to join the company. Recently, I have been working on a world-only-one technology, named as profiling across spatio-temporal data. I believe this technology will be a core component in many future applications for social solutions. As well as my daily research, I am also an adjunct assistant professor at Hosei University. With NEC, here, I very appreciate that we have the optimum environment for researchers in the Laboratories where we can talk freely, actively discuss and share our ideas.

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