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Technology Fields

Video Understanding

To realize a safe, secure, efficient society using IT, it is important to accurately grasp phenomenon that occur in the real world. In particular, technology that acts as a substitute for human vision by analyzing images and video to understand the real world will be increasingly important in the future. NEC Central Research Laboratories is engaging in R&D of the world's most advanced image recognition and real world sensing technologies, such as face recognition, human behavior analysis and object recognition, using the foundations of image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning technologies that we have fostered over many years.

Speech & Audio Understanding

With the arrival of the big data era, data analysis capable of speedily processing vast amounts of real world information at low cost and obtaining useful information from it is increasingly gaining attention. The importance of technology for handling speech and audio data—which are important elements of real world information—is increasing in the context of data analysis. NEC Central Research Laboratories is developing speech recognition technology to recognize natural human speech and its content in various environments, technology to grasp the real world situation from audio information and noise suppression technology to realize comfortable phone call environments. These technologies will then deployed in a wide range of solutions.

Data Mining

NEC Central Research Laboratories is conducting research to discover hidden regularities in big data, to use in detecting anomalies and future prediction, as well as in resolving various issues in social and corporate systems. More concretely, by targeting large-scale complex systems beyond human capacity to control, we are aiming not just to understand the current situation and make future predictions, but also to conduct optimal action planning.

Text Analysis

The large volumes of text contained in big data is data prepared by people in order to communicate information or their intentions to other people, and as such, it is a valuable source of information. NEC is developing technologies to extract customer opinions and reputation reports from large volumes of text data, to use in marketing, corporate risk management, client management, and other such applications.
In particular, NEC Central Research Laboratories is developing technology in the four areas of: (1) language analysis technology that can handle free expressions such as conversational phrases; (2) synonym and connotation judgment technology that can determine whether words or phrases have the same meaning; (3) meaning and connection extraction technology to extract meanings and connections; and 4) retrieval technology and monitoring technology that integrates diverse information sources based on extracted meaning.

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