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Data Science Research Laboratories

Akio Yamada
General Manager,
Data Science Research Laboratories

Incorporating data science to
create new value and contribute to society.

We are a large-scale Research Laboratories with researchers in AI-related fields to work comprehensively on every kind of technology development related to data science. More concretely, by looking at the current real-world situation from a multifaceted perspective and predicting possible scenarios of the future, we solve social challenges from the perspective of overall optimization, to optimize opportunity while minimizing potential risk. Through this, we aim to create greater safety, security, efficiency and equality for society.

Solving social challenges using World No.1/Only 1 technologies.

We are working on 4 technology areas: (1) Data acquisition technology that is robust to environmental change (sensing); (2) Multifaceted data analysis technology (people, objects, environment); (3) Data analysis technology to extract knowledge and wisdom from data (data mining, system modeling and future prediction); and (4) Action planning technology to move systems into a desired state. Not only do we seek to establish World No.1/Only 1 core technologies, we design technical eco-system to solve social challenges by organically combining these technologies in accordance with data flows, and work on developing the system architecture to support them.

Solving real problems based on scientific principles.

Larger viewCrowd behavior surveillance system

We have three policies that we consider important in our R&D, in order to contribute to solving problems occurring in real-life society: (1) Define the research theme by going into the actual scenes and discovering the customer's issues; (2) Formulate the issue based on mathematical science and seek to fundamentally solve it based on scientific theories; and (3) Conduct technology development based on actual data and verify its effect in the actual environment.


Soma Shiraishi
Began working at NEC in 2013
Data Science Research Laboratories

An environment that enables the development of a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all phases from technological research to application at production sites.

An accounting process that distinguishes between different types of fruit and vegetables

I studied image processing and image recognition at graduate school, and I decided to work at the laboratories at NEC which was conducting research in this field. Currently, I am in charge of developing solutions geared towards retail stores. Aside from technologies including cash registers that can scan products directly without the need for barcodes, and surveillance cameras that can detect shoplifters, I am also involved in developing solutions to help optimize sales through the visualization of the movement patterns of products. The most rewarding aspect about working at NEC laboratories is the ability to gain experience ranging from research and development to development of solutions for business. You'd be surprised at how many businesses have been launched through research conducted at our laboratories. I feel it's an excellent environment to develop skills toward becoming a proficient researcher.

Terumi Umematsu
Joined the company in 2013
Data Science Research Laboratories

Great environment for conducting research.

I have conducted a wide range of research at university, including AI, machine learning and speech recognition. When I was looking to join a company, I chose this laboratory because of its positive atmosphere that made me feel I could create useful things for people, and no other companies seemed to meet my expectations as much as NEC. After joining NEC, I worked on noise suppression technology for automated assessment of customer service quality. Working in here, I have become to appreciate this great environment for conducting R&D even better. Just a few examples of nice things about the labs are how the Research Fellows directly provide us with clear guidance, how we are able to ask questions of famous researchers in various research fields and they provide us with careful and detailed answers, and how the people here are not only strict about their works but also very kind as coworkers. In the future, I would like to research into understanding the internal aspects of humans as the essence of communication. I will keep on incorporating the latest technologies that are useful to society, and contribute to the future of NEC through R&D.

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