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Bioplastics for Electronic Equipment

Dr. Masatoshi Iji

Many enterprises and organizations would like to expand NEC engages in a broad variety of environmental initiatives, and conducts R&D to develop technologies to reduce environmental impacts. One of its research projects deals with the recently topical subject of environment-friendly bioplastics, made from plant-based raw materials.
In 2006, we adapted and commercialized a cell phone (FOMA-N701iECO) that uses a kenaf fiber-reinforced bioplastic for its external covering. In January 2010, we commercialized a business personal computer that in 90% of its plastic housing uses, which is one of the most environmental-friendly flame-retardant bioplastic in the world. --> January 12, 2010 press release in Japanese  
The bioplastics developed by NEC was named NeCycle ™.


Here, research fellow, Dr. Masatoshi Iji offers an introduction to high-safety petroleum-based flame-retardant plastics, which were the first kind environment-friendly plastics NEC worked on in the course of its development work. He then proceeds with a detailed presentation on the effort NEC has been making in recent years to develop bioplastics that are even more environment-friendly.

Image: the way to use plant resource for bioplastics

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