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Dr. Sako's Biography

Kazue Sako

Distinguished Researcher
Security Research Laboratories,
Central Research Laboratories
NEC Corporation


  • 1982-1986Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
    Bachelor Degree of Science (March, 1986)
    Research advisor: Prof. T. Hirai
    PhD. of Engineering (March, 1998) Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
    Research advisor: Prof. Y. Kambayashi

Professional Record

  • Apr.1986Joined NEC as Researcher
  • Jul.2000-Dec.2004Principal Researcher
  • Jan.2005-Mar.2012Research Fellow
  • Apr.2012-Mar. 2014Innovation Producer
  • Apr.2014-Apr.2018Senior Engineer
  • Apr.2018-PresentDistinguished Researcher



  • 1990IEICE Best Paper Award
    Subject: Proposal for Cryptographic Key Distribution Systems Based on Identification Information
  • 1994IEICE Young Researchers' Award
    Subject: Comments on an Attribution-Analyzing Protocol
  • 2001Best Paper Award of IPSJ National Convention
    Subject: Realization of Large Scale Electronic Voting System using Shuffles
  • 2007IPSJ Best Paper Award
    Another Approach for a Revocation Problem in Group Signatures

Research Fields

  • Cryptographic protocols, such as electronic voting, auction, lottery, and anonymous authentication.
  • Security and privacy design
  • Blockchain technology


IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)
          - Director, International Coordination and Publicity (2012.6-2014.6)
IACR (The International Association for Cryptologic Research)
IPSJ (The Information Processing Society of Japan)
JSIAM( The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)


ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 WG2 20008-2
Anonymous Digital Signatures Part2
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 WG5 29191
Requirements on partially anonymous unlinkable authentication (Title subject to change)

Major Papers

  • I. Teranishi, J. Furukawa and K. Sako:"k-times anonymous authentication",ASIACRYPT (2004)
  • J. Furukawa and K. Sako: "An Efficient Proof for Proving a Shuffle",CRYPTO 2001.
  • M. Hirt and K. Sako: "Efficient Receipt-free Voting Based on Homomorphic Encryption",EUROCRYPT (2000)
  • M. Jakobsson, K. Sako and R. Impagliazzo:"Designated Verifier Proofs and its Applications",EUROCRYPT (1996)
  • K. Sako: "Generating statsitical information in anonymous surveys",Transactions of IEICE, Apr. (1996)
  • K. Sako and J. Kilian:"Receipt-free mix-type voting scheme --A practical solution to the implementation of a voting booth--", EUROCRYPT (1995)
  • K. Sako:"Electronic Voting Schemes Allowing Open Objection to the Tally", Transactions of IEICE, (1994)
  • K. Sako:"Electronic Voting Schemes Allowing Open Objection to the Tally", Transactions of IEICE, (1994)

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