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Sustainable Supply Chain

Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct in Supply Chains

Our aim in formulating "Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct in Supply Chains" is that they will aid the development of responsible corporate activities among our supply-chain partners by helping them understand more deeply about NEC Group's Management for Sustainability, clarifying the kind of corporate activities which we would like our supply-chain partners to put into practice and the items which we want them to manage, monitor and disseminate amongst their own supply chains, from the perspectives of reducing business risk and generating new opportunities.

Cascading to Upstream Tier Suppliers and Contractors in Supply-Chain

In recent years, we have been faced with social and environmental issues which cannot be solved without the collaboration of upstream companies through supply-chain. The NEC Group ("NEC") established policies for important issues such as 1) business continuity, 2) responsible mineral procurement, 3) chemical substances regulations, 4) climate change, 5) OHS for hazardous work, 6) human trafficking. Supply-chain partners are requested to cascade each item to upstream tier suppliers and contractors and to cooperate to promote collaboration with them.

Business Continuity Policy

The interruption of a supply-chain partner's business due to certain disasters can have negative impacts not only on NEC's business but also on the living and social infrastructure of consumers. NEC has common policies governing business continuity plan (BCP) formulation

Responsible Mineral Procurement

NEC is engaging in responsible mineral procurement activities to ensure that NEC's mineral procurement does not promote conflict or violations of human rights.

Chemical substances Management Policy

NEC has a policy to manage chemical substances regulations appropriately. In order to comply with chemical substances regulations, it is necessary to monitor the chemical information of goods. Supply-chain partners are requested to provide NEC with the chemical information through upstream tier suppliers in the supply-chain automatically.

Action for Climate Change

NEC takes initiatives to reduce supply chain carbon-dioxide emissions to effectively-zero and Implement measures against climate change risks in the supply chain.

"NEC Green Procurement Guidelines (for suppliers)  (Document Number : KANKANTU-02-044) " , which defined the NEC Green Procurement Standards, is now out of use and integrated to "Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct in Supply Chains (Document Number : CHOUSHI 2022-01)"

Health and Safety for Hazardous Work in Construction

NEC takes appropriate health and safety measures for the hazardous work in construction.

Addressing of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

NEC supports to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking, and shall not purchase items which may be associated with such concerns.