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NEC Group Procurement Policy

NEC group is committed to procuring all goods and services with competitive quality, price, and delivery conditions from the global supply market under fair business terms while observing all laws and regulations, so that NEC group will contribute to provide customer-valued products and services. Such procurement activities are based on both The Charter of Corporate Behavior and The Code of Conduct of NEC Group

Furthermore, NEC is a participant in The Global Compact, which has been initiated by the United Nation, and promotes CSR-driven management based on the ISO26000 standard.
NEC group will promote improvements of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption and other social responsibility through the procurement activities, with the cooperation of its supply-chain partners, for pursuit of sustainable and ethical procurement.

Basic Policy

NEC group is committed to contribute to both a rise of the corporate value of NEC group and a mutual growth with supply-chain partners, through the procurement activity.

Providing Fair Competition

NEC will make information on procurement available in a timely and appropriate manner so as to ensure fair business competition to all domestic and overseas supply-chain partners who wish to take part in business deals.

Evaluating and Selecting Supply-Chain Partners in a Fair Manner

NEC evaluates and selects supply-chain partners in a fair manner after a comprehensive review of management reliability, price,quality, delivery, technological capability, corporate social responsibility, business continuity and company sustainability.

Cultivating Mutual Growth

NEC will regard communication with supply-chain partners as important and endeavor to have a business relationship based on trust so as to cultivate lasting mutual growth.

Protecting Confidential Information

NEC is fully aware of the value of the information obtained from supply-chain partners through its business deals and will carefully protect it.

Procurement Behavior

NEC group is committed to conducting the procurement activities based on The Code of Conduct of NEC Group.

Fair Trading and Equal Relationship

NEC is fully aware of the value of the information obtained from supply-chain partners through its business deals and will carefully protect it.

Prohibiting Abuse of a Superior Position

NEC will not practice unfair trading such as affecting a disadvantage due to an abuse of the superior position.

Sincere Trading Manner

NEC will not pursue personal advantages such as unfair personal profit and/or benefit, in relation with procurement activities.

Compliance Hotline

NEC operates and maintains a complaint handling system, called Compliance Hotline, for supply-chain partners. NEC emphasizes that the complainant will never receive disadvantageous treatment due to the consultation.

Request to Supply-Chain Partners

The objective of NEC group's CSR activities is to undertake our business activities while fulfilling our responsibilities, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of society. Therefore NEC group deeply believes in the importance of cooperation and collaboration with supply-chain partners.

All of supply-chain partners are requested to carry out the following activities positively, also to encourage and supervise the upstream companies to promote the following activities.

General CSR Requirements

  • Promote positive CSR activities
  • Contribute to the society and community

Product Quality and Safety

  • Ensure product safety
  • Establish and apply a quality management system


  • Control hazardous chemicals in products
  • Control hazardous chemicals in manufacturing
  • Establish and apply an environmental management system
  • Minimize environmental pollution (water, soil, air)
  • Obtain environmental permits
  • Promote resources and energy saving by reusing, reducing and recycling
  • Promote green-house gas reduction
  • Promote waste reduction
  • Disclose environmental preservation activities

Information Security

  • Secure computer networks against threats
  • Prevent the leakage of personal information
  • Prevent the leakage of confidential information of the customer and third-party

Fair Trading

  • Prohibit corruption and bribery
  • Prohibit abuse of a superior position
  • Prohibit the offering and receiving of inappropriate profit and advantage
  • Prohibit impediment to free competition
  • Provide accurate information of products and services
  • Respect intellectual property
  • Use appropriate export procedures
  • Disclose appropriate company information
  • Detect injustice promptly

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Apply safety measures for equipment and instruments
  • Promote safe activities in the work place
  • Promote hygiene in the work place
  • Apply appropriate measures for occupational injuries and illnesses
  • Properly manage disasters and accidents
  • Be careful about physically demanding work
  • Promote safety and hygiene in all company facilities
  • Promote health maintenance programs for employees

Human Rights

  • Prohibit forced labor
  • Prohibit inhumane treatment and infringements of human rights
  • Prohibit child labor
  • Prohibit discrimination
  • Pay appropriate wages
  • Control working hours
  • Respect the right of freedom of association

Supply-Chain CSR Guideline

Detailed explanation is described in Supply-Chain CSR Guideline.

Conflict Minerals Guideline

NEC Group’s Confilict Minerals Policies are described in Conflict Menerals Guideline.

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