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Case Studies


Yokohama City

Determined to tackle the inefficiencies and escalating costs involved in developing and operating their business systems, Yokohama City decided to construct a standardized, open information sharing platform, and totally rebuild their health and social welfare system. Tasked with rebuilding the health and social welfare system, NEC implemented WebOTX Batch Server, an NEC solution that could operate on an open framework and that resolved the problems inherent in executing large-volume batch processing based on Java. With the new system, Yokohama City was able to execute batch processing of large amounts of data, including more than 300,000 monthly child benefit payments, stably and efficiently.

Nagasaki City

Nagasaki City's old mission-critical business process system based on general-purpose machines could no longer cope with increasingly heavy operating loads. Looking to upgrade to a new open system, Nagasaki City turned to NEC to implement a new mission-critical business process system centered on a shared platform utilizing de-facto standard open technologies. Focusing on total optimization, NEC succeeded in building a shared platform system that met the client's requirements of fairness, transparency and is scalable, helping them achieve their goals of improved efficiency, reduced procurement and operating costs, and better citizen services.


Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. was established in October 2001 through a merger of the former Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance and the former Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance. As part of the process of integrating these two companies, which were using different host computers at the time, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance selected NEC's Open Mission-critical Solutions to quickly construct a system that made use of assets of both host systems, building a HUB system that ensures stable system operations.


Seiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Seiwa Sangyo Co. has taken a close look at the current situation in which an environment has been put in place incorporating hardware, software, mobile, and other elements, and was quick to focus in on the importance of superiority in Web computing. The company adopted Java as the development language in all areas related to the reconstruction of its company-wide backbone system, which it carried out jointly with NEC. It has achieved a speed that compares favorably with traditional client-server systems. In the future, it plans to use Web technologies and data to develop the system into one that will allow handling of management information and provision of information to customers.

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