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Batch Server

WebOTX Batch Server Overviews

WebOTX Batch Server (WebOTX BS) is the Java batch application platform which executes Java batch application efficiently.
This platform is based on the open source software "Spring Batch" framework. WebOTX Batch server offers various functions such as job execution control, operation monitoring function,and so on.

WebOTX Batch Server Overviews
Product Overviews

  • Spring Batch is a batch framework that is based on Spring Framework.
    Spring Batch is developed by the collaborative team of SpringSource and Accenture.

High performance batch processing utilizing resident Java VMs

By utilizing resident Java VM for job execution, it is possible to reduce Java VM starting overhead. The multiple batch applications can be executed at the same time by means of multithreading. This reduces the amount of memory usage.

High productivity of the batch application development

"Spring Batch" framework has general batch control logic such as commit processing function, checkpoint restart processing function and I/O (File, Database etc.) classes for various resources. Therefore, by developing only the business logic, batch application developer can develop the complete batch applications.
By unifying the Java language development of batch and online processing, it is possible to share the application program in batch processing and online processing.

High stability of the batch processing system

When a Java VM process shuts down abnormally, another Java VM process continues to execute the batch processing.
WebOTX Batch Server outputs OS log when it detects the delay of the batch processing or the indication of memory shortage. Therefore the operator can handle the issues early on.

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