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WebOTX Application Server makes system operation more stable, supports the latest open technologies, and increases development productivity.

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Inexpensive high-speed Internet accessible from anywhere 24x7 has expanded to public institutions, enterprises, home and individuals. In addition, electronic shopping, electronic trading, Internet banking, Internet brokers, music and video delivery, Internet auction and other systems have become widespread and taken for granted in the society.

It is needless to say that the Internet business systems used as the social infrastructure and representing enterprises require high reliability. In addition, the web sites are used by numerous anonymous users. That is, when web sites gain popularity, the traffic dramatically increases delaying the system response and even stopping the system operation in the worst case. You also must address security attacks from malicious users and other problems that have not been applicable to traditional in-house systems. If these problems happen in a critical system, you could lose business revenue and damage the corporate reputation. Therefore, you must take steps to avoid such problems.

Such progress toward ubiquitous society based on the Internet has forced public institutions and in-house business systems to be changed. Public institutions are required to provide efficient, highly serviceable systems, such as electronic government or electronic self-service. Enterprises are required to implement business systems that support efficient procurement and decision making to survive global competitions. Web application servers (Web App servers) were created to respond to these stringent demands. Specific Web App server requirements are described in the following sections.

WebOTX has been installed in over 20,000 systems, ranging from small-scale to large-scale systems

Based on the business requirement one can choose from the available four editions. These are suitable for systems ranging from small-scale systems to large-scale, mission-critical systems which operate 24x7

In addition to being used as a means of supporting mission-critical systems by many customers, WebOTX Application Server is often used as an infrastructure for various types of package software.

Application server software is used with various package products.
Application server software is used with various package products.

Better compatibility with latest open technologies: The reason for prompt support

We have actively incorporated standard specifications, such as Java EE, Web services, and .Net, which are used around the world.

The advantage of supporting standard specifications is that it provides superior compatibility when connecting with systems which are developed using the products from different vendors. It is important to note that, based on the high demand for application server software and the multiple ways in which it is used, many vendors are fiercely competing to capture the market.

Therefore, there are many cases where a system running one type of application server software is switched to a different type of application server software. Such switches occur when, for example, it is discovered that the originally used system is unsuitable when considering adding features, or when a vendor support system is unreliable, or when the customer decides that a different type of application server software is better.

There are also many cases wherein before deciding upon which application server software to install, a customer develops a temporary prototype. In such a case, the customer might first check the operation by using application server software that is released as open source software (OSS) free of charge and then select WebOTX based on how well received it has been in terms of maintenance support.

Support for standard specifications is also important for integrating many package applications developed and sold for Web businesses. WebOTX is highly compatible with such applications and boasts proven linkage results.

Highly productive development environment

Eclipse is known worldwide for its use to develop Java programs, and our development environment is based on it. This makes it possible to smoothly develop Web services, Web applications, EJBs, and other software, as well as to specify settings for integrating various types of business applications.

Provides an Eclipse-based development environment
Provides an Eclipse-based development environment

In addition, the application server test environment which is necessary to debug and evaluate the applications is provided with the development environment. Therefore, it is possible to seamlessly develop programs, test them and fine tune their performance using Eclipse, which improves development efficiency.

Development speed is becoming increasingly important when setting up a business system. This is because, in a time of drastic market change, it is necessary to speedily change or enhance business systems to satisfy needs related to the market and corporate strategy. The development environment provided by WebOTX makes this possible.

High reliability and availability

WebOTX Application Server thoroughly incorporates online transaction processing (OLTP) technology proven for mainframes, as well as many features for minimizing the effects of failures and maintaining stable system operation.

In addition, WebOTX Application Server supports make system redundant such as clustering and hot standby functionality, so that, even if one server goes down due to a failure, the processing can immediately be failed over to a different server to keep the system downtime as short as possible.

System always available is becoming an increasingly important requirement as information is becoming more ubiquitous due to the evolving Internet technologies and competition between companies becomes more global. This is because, for the top management and system administration divisions, the prospect of suffering heavy business losses due to the system disruption even momentarily is extremely frightening.

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