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Terahertz Imager

End-of-Sales Announcement

Dear customer

We have decided to discontinue following productions.

The Product and last days:

1.    Terahertz Imager IRV-T0830
2.    Terahertz Imager IRV-T0831
3.    Terahertz Imager IRV-T0831C
4.    Terahertz Lens IRV-TL028
5.    Terahertz Microscope Lens IRV-TL100M
6.    Infrared Cut Filter IRV-TF030
7.    Terahertz Imager IR/V-T0831
8.    Terahertz Imager IR/V-T0831C
9.    Terahertz Lens IR/V-TL028
10.    Terahertz Microscope Lens IR/V-TL100M
11.    Infrared Cut Filter IR/V-TF030
12.    Terahertz Imager T0832

-    Last Order: June 30, 2016
-    Last Delivery: June 30, 2017
-    Last Maintenance: June 30, 2018

Note: When you think a sensor for repairing will be necessary for you by June 30,
please inform us of that to keep a Terahertz sensor for exchange repairing in our warehouse.

Inquiries about this matter:

NEC Corporation
Electro-Optical Systems Department
Radio Application Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
1-10, Nisshin-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-8501 Japan

About a terahertz wave

 Terahertz waves are electromagnetic waves located  between infrared waves and radio waves. Terahertz waves are helping to drive the advancement of technological research for measurement and communications as they can be transmitted through paper, plastic and smoke. Specifically, terahertz imaging is attracting attention as a next-generation non−destructive testing technology that is considered to be safer than X−rays.

Characteristics of THz wave
          1. Has both wave-like characteristics and particle−like characteristics.
          2. Transparency to plastics, paper, cloth and oil.
          3. Some of the material has its own specific spectrum (“fingerprint spectrum”)

High Sensitivity Real-Time Uncooled THz Imager

Outlook of IR/V-T0831


Outlook of IR/V-T0831 
   (Equipped with lens and filter)

NEC developed a high sensitivity bolometer (*1) type uncooled two-dimensional terahertz array sensor (*2). Since then, the company has developed a high sensitivity real-time uncooled terahertz imager and continued activities for improving the sensitivity of the array sensor.

(*1) Bolometer 
              The bolometer is a method that changes a material's electric resistance in response to the temperature.
(*2) Two-Dimensional Array Sensor 
              A sensitive pixel that is arranged two-dimensionally; horizontally and vertically. 
             Common examples include the Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) installed within digital cameras.


 - R&D of Terahertz Source
       - R&D of Terahertz application such as
              * Biomedical application, such as living substance measurement,
                drug development, etc.
              * Non-destructive inspection technique
              * Quality management, such as food inspection
              * Security application, such as detection of dangerous objects


  The IR/V-T0831 is Easy handling THz Imager. 30Hz frame rate real-time imaging with QVGA(320x240) format RAW data output. Improvement of signal to noise rate with Lock-In  imaging Function.

Operation Guide Movie


Advantages of Lock-in Imaging Function

                 - 1/f noise is dramatically reduced
                 - Still background scene is removed  
                   → Integration of N frames increases signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by a factor of N^(1/2).

Lockin Fig1&2

Lockin Sample


  This product utilizes the result of the research funded by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) of Japan.

Product photos


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