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T40A2 Tape Library (LL040F)

End-of-life product


Product Highlights

The T40A2 tape library is a midrange data solution, offering both high data storage capacity and highly reliable robotics in a compact form factor. The T40A2 may be equipped with either one or two LTO Ultrium tape drives and up to four removable magazines, and can accommodate up to a total of forty tape cartridges. Using LTO Ultrium 4 tape cartridges, this equates to 64 TB of storage capacity.

Product Salient Features

Efficient Compact Design:
  • Supports a maximum of 64 TB of data in a 4U space (LTO Ultrium 4, compressed @ 2:1)
  • Good accommodation in the market (10 cartridges per 1U rack space)
  • Available in either standalone or rack-mountable models
Convenient Operation:
  • Removable cartridge magazine with 2 import/export slots
  • Barcode reader
  • Remote management system
  • Easy to manage cartridges (exchange & store)
  • ADI Interface

Data Sheet

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