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Application Platform for Hotels - UNIVERGE H10000 Series


Released in the Singapore and Indonesia markets

NEC launched the UNIVERGE H10000 Series in Singapore and Indonesia in September 2016 and now it is available in those countries, Great China, Thailand and Malaysia. NEC plans to continually expand the sales territory.

An Integrated Hotel Application Package

“UNIVERGE H10000 Series” provides a series of hotel applications pre-installed, pre-configured and pre-tested. This product standardizes hotel systems and therefore helps to reduce the total IT related cost.

Product Advantages

  • Highly Reliable and Efficient applications, all in one.
  • Standardized system for chain or brand-wide systems.
  • Reduced IT footprint – save energy and go green.
  • Faster and Safer system deployment.
  • Easier backups and maintenance.
  • Single window support for a set of hotel systems.

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