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NEC Solution Platforms - Integrated IT Infrastructure

Making Your IT Infrastructure Agile, Flexible, and Efficient with NEC’s Solution Platforms

NEC Solution Platforms

Leveraging NEC’s rich history of systems integration, our new advanced technology suites allow customers to achieve cost savings while implementing best in class integrated IT infrastructure. Working closely with our Value Added Partners NEC offers today’s leading open-source technology for an agile, flexible and efficient solution.

Enabling Smarter Deployments for “Best-of-Breed” Systems

Implementing best-of-breed systems can be costly for any organization. Once all  tactics have commenced and completed to include; system design, configuration customization, racking and stacking, network connectivity, followed by weeks of validation testing, companies often find that expenses may have exceed their planned budget due to evolving requirements during the deployment process.

Integrated systems on the other hand, can require significant resources to conduct continual reviews during the alignment of any new vendor technology into existing architectural designs all while still maintaining valuable operational up-time and keeping an eye on budgetary expenses.

When CAPEX dollars are tight, selecting the right path to choose can be difficult for even the most experienced IT Manager. With these types of difficulties in mind, NEC has developed a host of innovative, best-of-breed, low-cost turnkey integrated IT infrastructure solutions to provide its customers with the ideal way to eliminate difficult investment decisions while being able to take advantage of today’s IT advancements.

Benefits for Customers

NEC’s Solution Platform provides the following benefits;

  • Rapid system implementation
  • Reduced investment costs for system design, development and verification
  • Incorporation of advanced technological infrastructure through its use of “Open” industry standard IT hardware, software and services