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NEC SigmaSystemCenter

Integrated Virtualization Platform Management Software

Many companies are focusing on introducing server virtualization in order to reduce TCO through the consolidation of physical servers, increased utilization of existing IT resources and improved system operation efficiency.

However, results cannot be achieved merely through the introduction of server virtualization. In order to boost the performance of virtual machines, ensure maximum availability and quickly isolate faults when problems occur, efficient and comprehensive operation and management of the virtualized environment are essential. At the same time, virtualization technology is offered by multiple vendors and as a result the virtualization software introduced to customer sites is increasingly less implemented within a single-platform virtualization environment.

The NEC SigmaSystemCenter software product is a suite of integrated virtualization platform management software that provides total support for the operation of virtualized environments.

NEC SigmaSystemCenter Highlights

Integrated management of mixed virtualized environments

NEC supports four major virtualization software products, VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V and KVM, and develops functions allowing the unified management of mixed virtualized environments combining these products.

NEC offers management know-how for mixed virtualized environments based on an understanding of the issues faced by customers.

Software distribution functions

Sophisticated software distribution functions realize unified management from one management console for batch installation of OS and applications, backup and restoration, BIOS and firmware updates, patch application, provisioning, etc., reducing the workload of administrators.

Optimization engine for resource utilization

An optimization engine monitors at all times the operational status of the system.

In the case of a virtualized environment, at times of high load, it reallocates virtual machines to balance the load throughout the system.

System resources can also be optimized in real time as the situation demands.

Advantages in Virtualized Environment

Reduced operational load

Integrated management of heterogeneous virtualized environments is possible. Using NEC SigmaSystemCenter, the operation is the same regardless of the virtualization platform, be it VMware, XenServer, or Hyper-V, providing an easy learning curve. Management of heterogeneous virtualized environments is realized without sacrificing productivity.

Optimum resource allocation

Optimum load distribution is maintained at all times thanks to NEC‘s platform management technology. Upon detection of a high load, virtual machines are reallocated through live migration.

Ensuring Maximum availability

NEC SigmaSystemCenter monitors failure of hardware and software of virtualization host servers. It can detect impending hardware failure conditions and avoid system downtime by transparently moving virtual machines to another healthy host server using live migration. When a virtual machine stops running, it is restarted on an alternative healthy virtualization host server for a quick recovery. Availability from physical servers to application process levels can also be ensured through combined use with NEC ExpressCluster (high availability software).

Power and Utilization Optimization

In the case of multiple running host servers with low utilization levels virtual machines can be automatically moved to consolidate to fewer running host servers to improve the overall utilization of the running host servers. In addition, a running host server can be automatically shut down when the number of virtual machines running on it reaches zero to reduce power consumption. When utilization across the running host servers rises above set threshold, one or more powered off host servers can be started automatically and the running virtual machines can be moved to them to reduce overall utilization below the set threshold.

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