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Transforming the Network to Seize Business Advantage IT Security Evolves to Become Programmable

Data Center Operators are transforming their infrastructure to move towards a highly automated infrastructure that supports on-demand delivery of IT services. To enable this, enterprises are decoupling IT services such as networking and storage from the hardware underneath via SDN and software-defined storage. Information security must evolve to support these initiatives, increasingly becoming software-defined, as well as to protect highly dynamic data centers and on-premises private clouds. In the last section of the paper, Gartner analysts advise customers on Software-Defined Data Centers and Information Security, including landscape and recommendations.

Designing and Building a Datacenter Network
Server virtualization and cloud computing are changing the face of enterprise computing today. Virtualization enables more efficient use of IT resources and greater levels of IT agility and control. Cloud extends these benefits, allowing IT organizations to reduce their infrastructure complexity, ease staff workload, and more rapidly scale compute resources. Together, these technologies enable organizations to better meet organizational demand and provide greater agility for the enterprise.
ESG Brief: IBM and NEC Bring SDN/OpenFlow to Enterprise Data Center Networks Enterprise data center networks are rapidly reaching a breaking point. Network scale and complexity is testing the limits of legacy networking equipment and IT operations. ESG calls this phenomenon Data Center Networking Discontinuity. A radically new model called Software-Defined Networks (SDN) is emerging through the efforts of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and the OpenFlow protocol. This vision is becoming reality as NEC and IBM co-market their integrated SDN/OpenFlow high performance solution.
ProgrammableFlow - Redefining Cloud Network Virtualization with OpenFlow NEC ProgrammableFlow makes a first step towards end-to-end network-level virtualization with the potential for making radical impact on how cloud networks can be operated, managed and scaled. ProgrammableFlow leverages OpenFlow based open control protocols in supporting multi-vendor switches while creating topology independent virtual networks. Having a homogenous single layer network allows efficient network resource pooling towards yielding better capacity utilization and higher availability.
ProgrammableFlow for the Cloud The providers of a cloud computing service need to extend and modify their services for a sudden rise in system load or rapid increase/decrease of users, and need to modify and upgrade service components without affecting service continuity. And, they are also expected to control power dissipation of the data center flexibly according to the system load or management policy.