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VC-870/VD-870 : H.265/HEVC Real-time Ultra Low delay HD CODEC

Encoder: VC-870
Encoder: VC-870
Decoder: VD-870
Decoder: VD-870

VC-870/VD-870 are hardware-based compact design half rack size CODEC, comply with H.265/HEVC Main422 10 Profile @High tier Level 4.1.
Supporting Chroma 4:2:2 format with 10bit encoding and NEC’s original developed encoding algorithm realize ultra low delay operation with high video quality transmission. Besides, MPEG-4 AAC ELD profile can reduce audio transmission bandwidth under low delay operation.


Ultra Low-delay
  • Original low delay technology
  • 14.5msec to 300msec in ultra low-delay mode
  • 500msec to 1500msec in normal delay mode
    • *
      Transmission delay is excluded 14.5msec will be supported only 1080i/29.97Hz
  • Supporting packetize transmission:
    - Ancillary signals embedded to ancillary area
    - Control signals
    - Digital subtitle
    - Subsidiary signals for video contribution
Video Coding
  • H.265 | HEVC Main422 10/Main10/Main
  • High quality video coding by unique algorithm
  • H.264 /AVC for VC-870 (Option)
  • H.264 /AVC and MPEG-2 for VD-870
Multi functions
  • TS interface: DVB-ASI and Ethernet
  • Error correction: ProMPEG CoP#3
  • Remote control : SNMP, Telnet and HTTP
  • Encryption : BISS (Option)
Audio Coding
  • Up to 2ES can be transmitted by formats:
    - MPEG-2 AAC-LC
    - MPEG-1 Layer2
    - LPCM
    - Dolby E/AC-3 pass through
    • *
      Dolby-E/AC-3® are registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
  • Supporting MPEG4-AAC ELD for ultra low latency audio encoding (Minimum 33msec).
Physical design
  • 1U half rack size & 3kg light weight design.
  • DC input (Option)