TC-1600/TD-1600 : TS Compressor and Decompressor

The newly developed TS Compressor and Decompressor, TC-1600/TD-1600, are based on NEC’s original lossless compression technology and realize high performance TS compression through effective reduction of Null packets and dummy data in the TS signal. ISDB-T BTS (*) can be compressed into 19.0Mbps/188byte enabling distribution through DVB-S/S2 satellite network. Even dummy and packet allocation data can be fully reconstructed at all receiving sites. TC-1600 and TD-1600 are essential devices for an effective ISDB-T SFN operation in satellite distribution network.


High and Flexible TS Compression
  • High quality compression of ISDB-T BTS into transmission capacity of DVB-S/S2.
  • Only the necessary part of dummy data, 16byte of Read-Solomon codes and ISDB-T information,can be selected.
Lossless Compression
  • Unique compression methods innovated with NEC advanced technology [PAT. P. 2010-040120] are fully introduced.
  • All important information including packet allocation and dummy data is entirely reconstructed, and the decompressed data at every different site shows full correspondence - well-suited to SFN operation.
  • (*)
    Broadcasting TS of 32.5Mbps bit rate, modulated by QPSK (2/3) for 1seg and 64QAM for 12seg with full ISDB-T information.
The system supports a variety of TS formats; DVB-TS as well as BTS of ISDB Tb/Tsb/Tmm/S.