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DTU-M10 /DTV-M20 Series : UHF and VHF Digital Middle Power TV Transmitters

DTU & DTV series are UHF/VHF digital TV transmitter family made in Japan on the basis of NEC's advanced technology and knowledge gained throughout NEC’s Broadcast product history. In addition to the reliability proven by our accumulated experience and achievements over the years, world's top-level power efficiency beyond 38% in UHF and 46% in VHF would strongly satisfy the demands of customers around the world.

NEC have a rich experience in Doherty technology with its first commercial-based digital TV transmitter with Doherty amplifiers manufactured in 2011 for Tokyo Metropolitan area, achieving significant improvement in power consumption (more than 40% better than the previous model). The DTU & DTV series join the lineup of NEC digital TV transmitters offering three noteworthy features: one step ahead in level of high power-efficiency, sophisticated concept for easier maintenance, and user-oriented design.


Features and Benefits

  • Top level Energy Efficiency
    • Major energy cost saving
  • Easy Maintenance
    • Downsized, Light-weight Power Amplifier
    • Reduced footprint enables smaller maintenance space
    • High commonality of spares
  • User-Oriented Design
    • Multiple transmitters & N+1 system in a single rack

Configuration Table

Air-cooled Model

  DTU-M10(UHF) DTV-M20(VHF)  
Output power [kW]
(AVG) 1)
Output Feeder
Output power [kW]
(AVG) 1)
Output Feeder
(H x W x D)
Number of transmitters
per rack with MultiTX
470-790 MHz 170-230 MHz
1 0.65 7/8"
0.74 7/8"
2000 x 590 x 800 6
2 1.30 1+5/8"
1.45 1+5/8"
3 1.90 2.20 3
4 2.50 2.90 2
5 3.20 3.60 1
6 3.80 3+1/8"
7 4.40 5.00
8 5.10 5.70
  • *1:
    Measured before mask filter. Single-exciter type is also available The power variations are the same as shown above.