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DTU-L10 Series : UHF Low Power Digital TV Transmitter

DTU-L10 series UHF low power digital TV transmitter has been developed in order to live up to expectations of low power range lineup around the world. In addition to NEC’s digital TV transmitter family in high and middle power classes, this new product  followed on from the DTL-10 series offers the sophisticated design for user-oriented interface and ease of  maintenance as well as absolute reliability to meet our customer’s smart operation.


User Friendly Interface and Easy maintenance

-User Friendly Interface
Touch panel equipped as standard at the front panel makes comfortable local operation.
Realizing easy-access and management of the important information supports the customer’s efficient work.

-Easy Maintenance
Module basis power amplifier and power supply of transmitter enable the customer to replace these modules easily from the front side of unit.
This new model makes possible the exchange of modules without removing of transmitter from the rack, and it will reduce the hassle of maintenance work as well as burden of labor cost.
Space saving & Economical method

-Compact, All-In-One design
All components are incorporated in a single chassis and transmitter unit can be rack-mountable in a standard 19 inch rack.
This improved design contributes to space saving.

-High Commonality of Spares
Common control and modulator modules design allows the same card module to be used for both high-power and low-power NEC transmitters.
Along with mentioned design changes, the customer can own common spare modules regardless of transmitter output power, which enables the saving of expenditure for spare parts.

Lineup and Configuration Table

Output Power [W]
Model Name Output
(H x W x D)
10 DTU-L10/R01 N-Socket 2U x 480 x 450 12kg
80 DTU-L10/R08 15kg
200 DTU-L10/R2 16kg
400 DTU-L10/R4 7/16-Socket 3U x 480 x 450 20kg
600 DTU-L10/R6 EIA 7/8" Unflange 4U x 480 x 450 25kg
  • 1)
    Before band pass filter
  • 2)
    Mountable to Standard 19 inch rack