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MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation - Solution

Cloud deployment and operation support solution

Businesses want their existing internal ICT environment, where each system is virtualized individually, to evolve to a "cloud" that can be shared on a company-wide basis, in order to make the internal ICT environment more flexible and faster while at the same time ensuring appropriate ICT costs and operational efficiency.

Current problems

In an environment where business systems are virtualized individually, while cost reductions and operational and management efficiency can be attained on an individual system basis by aggregating servers, total optimization cannot be achieved, because the infrastructure is not shared on a company-wide basis.

The use of virtual servers substantially reduces the burden of server installation. However, users still need to manually perform the same procedures as with traditional physical servers when they apply for server use with the administrator or set up necessary peripheral equipment.


To migrate from an environment where each system is virtualized individually to a cloud environment, it is necessary to aggregate the idle ICT resources of the individual virtual systems and integrate them into a resource pool that can be shared on a company-wide basis. This requires "infrastructure management", which involves keeping track of the status of servers, networks, storages, and all other resources and managing them as a resource pool.

The next step is to make preparations for allowing users to easily request and use the ICT infrastructure whenever they need it. To accomplish this, a "self-service portal" is necessary that enables users to access and use the infrastructure freely based on a predetermined catalog of services available to individual users.

It is also necessary to automate the ICT infrastructure deployment and setup processes as part of "infrastructure management" in order to reduce the time from request reception to service provision.

Once all of this is done, when a user requests a virtual server via the portal, he or she can readily use an available server that is assigned from the resource pool. It can be said in this stage that a company-wide cloud has been deployed and that total optimization of the ICT infrastructure has been achieved.

NEC considers that two elements need to be added to virtualization in order to implement a private cloud. They are "infrastructure management" and "self-service portal".

MasterScope Cloud Solution