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MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation - Product Overview


Effective use of ICT resources in a multivendor environment

Virtual DataCenter Automation integrates a wide range of ICT resources in a multivendor environment, from servers, networks, and storages to existing assets, into a resource pool to enable them to be shared and managed in a centralized manner. It automates the management of the ICT resource usage status (reserved, not used, in use, etc.) and allows the availability of resources to be grasped in real time, which leads to increased efficiency in resource use and minimized inventory.

Furthermore, the resource pool can be divided into "sub resource pools", each for a specific department or type of job. Giving each department a certain level of limited management authority makes it possible for individual departments to operate the cloud environment flexibly as if they have it to themselves.

Automated and more efficient use of a cloud system

Virtual DataCenter Automation automates not only the deployment of virtual machines but also all the setup tasks needed to make those virtual machines available for the actual work, from storage assignment and network configuration to the installation and monitoring setup of applications.

What's more, this product offers a solution to the heavy load of changing the network settings for adding or moving virtual machines - a problem that has plagued any cloud system so far. By interacting with NEC's ProgrammableFlow, one of the first products to support the OpenFlow network technology, Virtual DataCenter Automation centrally manages the network along with servers and storages, thus implementing software-defined networking (SDN) and substantially easing the burden on administrators.

Virtual DataCenter Automation provides verified scenarios for automating these provisioning processes as standard features. By using GUI-based editing functions, these scenarios can be customized as appropriate for specific business needs and used readily.

Highly reliable cloud environment

Advanced integrated monitoring functions, which take advantage of NEC's wealth of know-how in operating mission-critical systems, are provided as a product suite. Silent failure detection based on the company's unique invariant analysis technology, identification of the failure impact scope, automated troubleshooting, and many other monitoring functions help minimize the system down time and ensure high availability required for mission-critical systems.