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MasterScope SystemManager G - Product Overview


MasterScope SystemManager G minimizes system downtime by running monitoring operation cycle (quick failure detection, identification of the cause and impact, and fast recovery), allowing the system to operate reliably and efficiently.


Quick Failure Detection

Alerts are notified via dashboard, email, and SMS to enable fast response times.


The real-time graphical display visualizes the impact of a failure, leading to shorter recovery time.

Knowledge-Based Troubleshooting

For a known failure, its recovery process will be shown with graphical instructions, facilitating fast recovery.

Automated Recovery

Predefined recovery actions can be triggered by failure events, minimizing system downtime.

Various options are available for customers to meet their specific requirements.

SystemManager G provides an all-in-one solution for server monitoring.
The basic features include monitoring the logs, processes, and performance of servers.
Flexible licensing options are available for more monitoring objects (applications, middleware, service response, and hypervisors) and more advanced operations.
No installation is required for adding optional features.

The following figure illustrates a step-up scenario, moving from a basic edition to a higher level edition with an integrated monitoring system for hybrid environment.