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MasterScope SystemManager - License End-of-life

The following table provides general description of the MasterScope SystemManager licenses for information purpose only.

Please consult your regional NEC representative for actual product offering and ordering information.


  • Manager
    This module consolidates and manages the information collected by the Agent.
  • Agent
    This module monitors the server's processes, services, and performance and reports the resulting monitoring information to the Manager.
  • View
    This module provides a GUI for browsing information collected by the Manager and for specifying monitoring settings of the Agents to be monitored.

Basic functions


  • Manager licenses are required according to the platform.
  • MasterScope Network Manager must be purchased. Installing Network Manager on the same machine as SystemManager is recommended; messages between Network Manager and SystemManager cannot be linked if they are not running on the same machine.


  • Agent licenses are required for the total number of platforms.
  • One set of licenses (including those for the Agent and options) is required per Manager.
    (A five-Agent license may not be used for different Managers. For example, using a five-Agent license for two Agents in Manager A and three Agents in Manager B is not allowed.)
  • Multiple platforms can be selected for a volume license (such as a five-Agent license) as long as the maximum Agents are licensed.
    (For example, a five-Agent license (Windows/Linux) can be used for a combination of two Windows servers and three Linux servers.)
  • For Agents in a cluster configuration, both active and standby nodes require Agent licenses, but additional licenses are not necessary for logical Agents that work together with cluster packages for monitoring. Rather, an Agent uses the same license as the Manager to which it connects.
  • For one server that contains partitions (with multiple active OS), an Agent license is required for each installed partition (each active OS).
  • Agent licenses are required for the total number of installed guest OSs running in a virtual environment such as VMware and Hyper-V.


  • 64 Viewer licenses are included in one Manager license. The web browser console is also counted as 1 license.
  • If the web browser console is used, licenses for the number of connections are required.
  • For the Manager in a cluster configuration, because both active and standby nodes require the Viewer licenses, the required number of licenses is the number of monitoring terminals x 2 Viewer licenses.

When the Manager is a cluster system

  • Separate Manager licenses are required for the active and standby nodes.
  • One Agent license is required per server to be monitored on the active node.
  • One HA Option license is required per server to be monitored on the standby node.
  • Because separate monitor terminal licenses must be registered with the active and standby nodes, two monitor terminal licenses are required per monitor terminal.


  • When failures are generated, if you install the backed up disk image, a license is not required for the reserve server that is used to recover the failed server (as it will receive the license of the regularly operating server).
  • As with cluster configurations, cold standby configurations (in which installations are constantly being executed and setup is complete), require licenses for wait machines.
  • If hierarchically linking and monitoring multiple Managers, a MISSION CRITICAL OPERATIONS upgrade license and a Manager linkage license for each connection must be purchased.