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MasterScope - Products A-Z

Windows  HP-UX  Solaris  AIX  Linux

A Supported Platforms Product Overview
Application Navigator Windows HP-UX Linux Centralized monitoring utility for applications and middleware.
J Supported Platforms Product Overview
JobCenter Windows HP-UX AIX Linux An enterprise-wide workload automation software solution across a variety of platforms.
M Supported Platforms Product Overview
Windows HP-UX Linux agent
Windows HP-UX Solaris AIX Linux
Service-centric monitoring tools that enable automated recovery.
N Supported Platforms Product Overview
Network Manager Windows Unified network management software for monitoring, maintaining, and building multi-vendor network infrastructure, which ensures stable operation of large-scale complex networks.
Network Flow Analyzer Linux Analyze network traffic, visualize network flow, and maintain stable network operation
S Supported Platforms Product Overview
SystemManager manager
Windows Linux
Windows HP-UX Solaris AIX Linux
Centralized monitoring software for servers.
SystemManager G manager
Windows Linux
Windows HP-UX Solaris AIX Linux
Unified monitoring tools for service-centric monitoring and automated recovery.
W Supported Platforms Product Overview
WinShare Windows Remote access software which enables you to operate PCs, servers, and other Windows-embedded devices such as POS terminals in remote locations.