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MasterScope Network Manager - Product Overview


MasterScope Network Manager is an operations management software for managing multi-vendor networks.

In addition to managing configuration, troubleshooting, and performance of a network, Network Manager fully supports the many tasks involved in network management such as the backup of device configuration files and software version updates. Network Manager offers comprehensive and flexible support for large to small scale networks to achieve stable network operation and optimal operational efficiency.



MasterScope Network Manager cuts operations management costs associated with complicated networks by allowing you to manage your network visually, so you can understand error information clearly and quickly. While monitoring the network using the Internet-standard protocol Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)*1, you can view information about the physical wiring of switches and routers, and displays front panels of the devices.

*1 compatible with SNMP version 1, 2c, 3

Using this software, it is possible to improve the network availability, which is significant for your business. System failures can be caught quickly or prevent beforehand through monitoring network traffic and device status.