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MasterScope Network Manager - Product Line

The following table provides a general description of the MasterScope Network Manager product line for informational purpose only.

Please consult your regional NEC representative for actual product offering and ordering information.

Product name Overview Category
MasterScope Network Manager (*1) Manages network configuration, failures, and performance using the Internet-standard protocol SNMP.
  • 50-node
  • 100-node
  • 250-node
  • 500-node
  • 1000-node
  • Unlimited nodes
Main Product

MasterScope Network Manager

ResourceManager function license (*2)

An option that manages configuration files and software on multi-vendor devices Option License

MasterScope Network Manager

Network Provisioning function license

An option that works with NEC SigmaSystemCenter to make changes to VLAN network configurations and load balancer settings on network devices, according to server configuration changes. Option License
MasterScope Network Manager upgrade license An upgrade for the management of a greater number of nodes.
  • From 50-node version to 100-node version
  • From 100-node version to 250-node version
  • From 250-node version to 500-node version
  • From 500-node version to 1000-node version
  • from 1000-node version to unlimited node version
Upgrade License

MasterScope Network Manager

ResourceManager function additional license

Adds to the number of nodes that can be managed.
  • 50-node addition
  • 200-node addition
  • 500-node addition
Additional License

MasterScope Network Manager

NodeManager function additional license

A license for the management of an unlimited number of nodes. Additional License

The number of nodes is counted as the number of target network devices to be managed.

(*1) The front panel display (NodeManager) function can be used for 5 nodes.
(*2) The ResourceManager function license includes a 50-node license.