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MasterScope Invariant Analyzer

System Performance Analysis Software

Prevent IT performance degradation and business disruption.

MasterScope Invariant Analyzer is an analytics based NEC patented technology that can analyze large amounts of performance metric data collected from multiple monitoring tools to automatically discover important relationships and detect system performance anomalies.

By quickly localizing likely root cause components even in large-scale systems, Invariant Analyzer (IA) enables proactive system performance management to uncover and avoid potential performance problems.

IA provides advanced performance management benefits including:

  • Detect performance anomalies early to avoid serious system level impact
  • Provide intuitive visualization for improved system management across multiple domains
  • Accelerate support for performance problem triage and more accurate root cause analysis
  • Leverage and enhance ROI of existing monitoring tools

IA is especially well suited for large application performance management (APM), including closed loop integration with existing APM solutions, such as CA APM (Wily Introscope) that enables customers to utilize analytics for APM and gain greater value from their APM investments.

Invariant Analyzer

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