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MasterScope Invariant Analyzer - Version Information

Key Feature Enhancement

v 1.4

Expanding the number of counter to analyze

The maximum number of analyzable counter (performance element of the target. For example, CPU utilization, memory / disk usage and so on) is increased to 1 million. Analysis with tons of counters such as large-scale environment and network device can be supported.

Increasing accuracy of failure cause ranking

The new algorithm is introduced to sort anomaly’s causes by severity. This enables to reduce time to specify the place of cause even if the number of analysis target is large scale.

Analysis in large scale systems

By generating models and analyzing in Windows64bit environment, analysis to target enormous counter is enabled.

Setting item addition of model generation and analysis

In case of model generation

When model is generated, parameter used for accuracy and generation can be specified. By modifying the value, processing can be speeding up.

In case of analysis

In time analysis is executed, detection threshold of broken invariants can be specified. By modifying the value, unnecessary detection of broken invariants can be reduced.

Multiple external engine

By using multiple external engine, multiple analysis processing can be parallelly processed.


In additional analysis from command, additional analysis command can be input in a row, by waiting for the completion of running analysis. Also, execution status of analysis can be confirmed from command.