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MasterScope DeploymentManager

High-speed recovery software

MasterScope DeploymentManager software allows you to do machine cloning, also does backup/restore, patches distribution, etc in an integrated way.

Provided Features


Have you encountered these problems?

When installing new computers or replacing old ones, I want to quickly set up all the computers with the same configuration.

You can easily set up multiple computers with a single click. Since computer-specific information such as the IP address is automatically applied, therefore no setup operations are required on any individual computers.

Recovery takes a long time in case of failure.

In case of failure, MasterScope DeploymentManager enables rapid system recovery without any complicated recovery procedures since the only required process is to restore the disk image that is created in advance. This prevents human mistakes like missing a step in the recovery procedure or failing to recover a required driver or component.

I want to efficiently upgrade software and apply patches on distributed computers without interrupting any operation.

With MasterScope DeploymentManager, you can distribute patches or software automatically by two ways.

By using Automatic Update, patches can be applied efficiently because MasterScope DeploymentManager automatically investigates the destination computers and distributes the necessary patches.

By using Scenario, you can force to install patches or software in real time or at the scheduled time.

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