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MasterScope Application Navigator - License End-of-life

The following table provides general description of the MasterScope Application Navigator license for informational purpose only.

Please contact your regional NEC representative for details about actual product availability and for ordering information.


  • Agent
    Module to monitor application in server, and to alert monitoring information to Manager.
  • Manager
    Module to integrate and manage information collected by Agent.
  • View
    Console to display information collected by Manager to the View, and to operate command running to servers.
  • Probe
    Module to monitor IT service of server remotely, and to alert this monitoring information to Manager.


  • More than one Manager is required for implementation.
  • More than one monitoring terminal is required as a integrated View for management.
  • Agent is required for each application of monitoring target server.
  • HP-UX(IPF) Manager license is different from Windows/Linux license.
  • As for Agent license, Windows/Linux and UNIX are separated. Within the number of each license, platform can be selected.
  • For example, if you have 5 Windows/Linux licenses, you can choose one from the following; activates 5 Windows servers, or activates 5 Linux servers, or activates 3 Windows servers and 2 Linux servers.